Empowering Staffing Solutions

Staff Augmentation is the outsourcing of manpower, based on a skill requirement, or for the completion of a project, for a limited period. Depending on the complexity of a project, you add employees to your existing team, who have a specific skill set, to help execute certain tasks effectively.

we are committed to delivering high-quality staffing solutions to our clients. With our decade-long journey in the staffing industry, we have recognized the ongoing gap between the expectations of the industry from young talent and the readiness of the youth to enter the job market. We believe in addressing this gap by providing comprehensive solutions that not only fulfill immediate staffing needs but also focus on talent development, skilling, and career advancement.

Candidate/ Team Search Strategy:

Once you share your candidate/team augmentation requirements with us, we begin the search process. There are certain ways to go about reviewing the suitability of applicants, like conducting interviews or any specific tests that you’d like for them to take up, to ensure their ability to execute the project at hand.

Identification of Specific Requirements:

Before we start our search for the right candidates to enhance your team, we need a clear description of the skills you require in the candidate you’re looking to hire, such as their abilities, experience or any qualification. You also need to specify the number of candidates you’re looking to add to your team.

Long-Term Value:

Staff Augmentation extends beyond immediate staffing needs. It recognizes the value of nurturing a pool of potential candidates, even when there are no current job openings. This aligns with the idea of nurturing employees' strengths and talents over time.

 Recruitment Process

As a staffing solution provider, Gait is equipped with the expertise and infrastructure to proactively meet the corporate needs for skilled manpower. Our differentiators include:

Agile and Flexible:

If it so happens that you need skilled candidates for an urgent project, we will work swiftly to equip your team with a specialist based on the talent requirements. Later, you can hire more if you wish to.

Pay Per Service Model:

We will provide you with contractual, on-demand candidates as and when you require. As per the mutual agreement, you may pay based on the project or for the number of hours.

Scalable Model:

We understand the needs of today’s businesses, and offer a flexible model, wherein based on your project requirements, we provide a team that can be scaled up or down to support your business so that you can ensure its profitability.

Service Benefits

Access to Specialized Skills

Gait provides organizations with access to a diverse range of specialized skills and expertise. This enables businesses to fill critical roles and projects with professionals who possess the specific knowledge required, helping to drive innovation and meet business objectives.

Scalability and Flexibility

Allows organizations to scale their workforce based on fluctuating project demands. Whether it’s a short-term project or a long-term initiative, businesses can quickly ramp up or down their team size to match the needs of the project, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Cost Efficiency

Gait IT staffing offers cost efficiency compared to maintaining a full-time, in-house IT team. By leveraging contract-based or temporary staffing solutions, businesses can reduce expenses related to salaries, benefits, training, and employee overheads, resulting in significant cost savings. Gait's can help IT companies save money on hiring, training, infrastructure, and overhead costs. It can also help IT talents earn competitive salaries and benefits without committing to a long-term employment contract.